e-Book: Salvaged Prose

Many are the written tomes, displaced, misplaced and stolen over the years, packed with secrets, loves, memories, times of great joy, sadness and simple recollections. These are the bits and pieces of Life that have, in their own individual way, survived, gathered like leaves blown in Autumn winds, caught and cherished safely... saved... "salvaged".

Notes from a river bank, the great shores of the Atlantic ocean, from city parks to city subways, carefully recorded as their thoughts sparked in the mind and heart.

They've been compared to the likes of the writings of Charles Bukowski, Franz Kafka, Virgina Woolf if they'd all gathered in a scene scribed by Lev Tolstoy. No doubt, there's something, a thought, an emotion, and experience that each reader can hold, or share as their own some-where in the collection. If so, please feel free to pass the piece along.

Memories can find a heart no matter how far it may travel, to where or when, and so very many memories linger... deep.

104 entries, 111 pages. Original and modified illustrations.

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