e-book: Lembrook - The dream in 20 pages

An incredible ancient "Dickensian" village, built only with hand-hewn, massive stone where time has never intruded. Only three, rather narrow, cobbled streets whose pavers have ne'er been trod by motor-vehicluar traffic. "Lembrook" rests today where it has always been far, far beyond the collective history of any person living now or "then", on an island in repose, surrounded by an ever-so gently flowing river that meanders through vast meadows so distant from the nearest town or village that people don't even speak of what lies across the waters. Above and all around, as far as the eye can see and the mind can wander, uninterrupted blue skies drenched in brilliant sun-light. And peace, true contentment with-in and with-out. It was a night's sojourn, brief in duration and eternal in memory.

A short but up-lifting story in about 21 pages that will become your never-forgotten dream to build on. Come, cross the bridge, wander the streets, sit by the river in a timeless village where you'll always find a genuine welcome.

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