Judah A Kessler

Judah A Kessler

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e-book: Death Of A Zionist

"Zionism" has, of late, become a politically charged term and much misunderstood. But there's a serious secret that lies beneath the cloak of main-stream politics these days and that's the animosity amongst the global Jewish population. There's a hierarchy with-in where although people are not seen being destroyed, the very spirit that has kept the People alive from Biblical times is being systematically obliterated. "Religious courts" are rather brutally annihilating familial connections of generations, denying all too many of their traditional securities and the ramifications are frightening. This is an account of just one such incident that, in spite of all efforts to destroy a stoic spirit actually managed to create much stronger soul. In the Hellish smoke of animosity and hatred, endurance and determination prevails. It's a lesson in politics, religion and life in general.

99-Page PDF includes a glossary of related Jewish terminology (Hebrew and Yiddish) as well as history, sociology and inspiration.

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