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eBook: I've Done It!

Have you ever thought about writing? I mean, a book. "The Great American Novel", or a bit of sci-fi, a mystery, the story of your life, a children's book? Or even maybe publishing a collection of folk lore, or recipes. Have you ever wanted to tell people "I'm a writer." or "I'm an author."?

Well, what are you waiting for? OK. Writing takes time and a bit of dedication. And publishing! OH! The publishing can be over-whelming, not to mention costly. 

Not any longer. How do I know? I've done it! It was exciting and frightening at first, and I fumbled through a lot of mistakes when I started. I'm not saying I'm perfect at it today, but I will say that I've learned over the years, where I went wrong and how easy it can be. And I decided to "share" my own experiences quickly and concisely in a fun to read format so that you and you, and you and your friends can finally get up, get rolling and get to be "Authors"... SOON.

In only 27 pages*, illustrated here and there, you can sit and read and learn the basics in a matter of much less than a day. Really, it's not that difficult. And if you have a finished manuscript already, the hardest work is done! What's left is actually the fun part. Read this little "how to" and in short order, when somebody asks you "So... what do you do?" you'll be answering:

"I'm a published author. Yes, I've done it."

(Includes references and links for help and support and even further information.) 
(*Pages based on: 8.5x11inches - 20.32x27.94cm) 
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