eBook: Bitter-Sweet Bitterness

*Recommeded for “Mature” reader-ship.

If you've ever heard of public shelters for the Homeless and had any curiosity about what they're like, there are many blurbs and blogs on-line that give brief accounts of particular experiences. This is an actual, daily journal account of how anybody can find themselves becoming Homeless, the process of entering a “Homeless System” and each day in that system. It's candid, un-censored and can be “raw” at times. But it's factual, with-out flourish. It's also “illustrated” with small sketches that were part of the original hand-written journal. The sketches emphasise the emotions recorded in the text. When first published else-where, reviews and responses were positive and supportive, often recommended by and for all Social Workers and those considering employment in the field of social work. Many comments can be seen on my “blog” where I encourage all readers to post their own reactions and responses.

This is the original journal, edited but not censored. For an “abridged” edition of the same work, please consider reading “Journal Days”, also available here. Note: Proceeds from sales of this and “Journal Days” help provide direct support for the Homeless. This is NOT an exploitation of Homeless. I KNOW, personally, what that feels like.

Thank you.

803 pages, illustrated with original sketches and photographs. (Pages based on: 8.5x11inches - 20.32x27.94cm)

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