eBook: Journal Days

This is an account of becoming truly Homeless. Acts of Nature, catastrophic illness, down-slide in economy, loss of employment, a lapse in pay, no-one is is ever immune to Homelessness.

In life, we are often confronted with situations that can over-whelm and sometimes seem hopeless, heavy, dark and daunting. And all too often, we feel alone, truly alone. Family and friends might know of the situation and either offer little help or none at all. These are the times when good old-fashioned "self-reliance" steps in. Believe it or not, you DO have the abilities you might not think you possess to get through today and one day, you WILL find yourself in a better situation or circumstance and look back in awe thinking: I made it through THAT!

"Living rough", hiding in the over-growth, "Public shelter"? Here are the voices of experience, first-hand, "life" as "Homeless", from inside a NYC shelter... AND work, at a legitimate, tax-paying job. Laughter, tears, anger and despair, and the attitudes of those who sincerely want to help, and those whose "help" is little more than a paying job.

From the day of realising that friends and family can and will simply look on, through an earthquake, a hurricane, lead poisoning, to finding self-sufficiency, this is an almost daily journal-essay of facts. Sometimes a bit shocking, but always insightful and factual, it's a lesson to all: Today looks hopeless... Tomorrow, it's all just part of history, and an education that teaches that we ARE a LOT stronger and resilient than we may have thought at the time.

Written for the general population as well as those whose profession involves the Homeless population.

Your wait-person at the resto, the fellow in the nice suit, retail clerk, home-health-care person... anyone you meet daily could be Homeless... and you might never know. Some give up. Some give in. Yet always, there are those who strive through all sorts of situations, silently, and come through victorious. This is only one account of a great many. It could be you. The best faith to have is faith in yourself. Here's the proof.

803 pages, illustrated with original sketches and photographs.
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